Limitorque MX intelligent multiturn electric actuators

MX multi-turn actuator available with Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus DP or PA Network Protocols. A 32-character LCD display provides easy-to-read actuator status, diagnostics, and setup information in the user’s own language. This display works with local control switches to make commissioning and calibration fast and easy—and also enables the user to open, stop and close the actuator, and to select local or remote preferences.
The MX also offers unsurpassed accuracy with a 100%-repeatable absolute encoder, which provides optical sensing of valve position with 18-bit resolution and requires no battery.
Exclusive LimiGard™ internal monitoring circuitry ensures reliability. The unit’s double sealed terminal chamber is separate from the control chamber, so operators have easy access to the terminal block without exposing control components to dust and moisture.
The Accutronix MX meets or exceeds all relevant specifications of major U.S. and international standards. It’s also tested and certified for demanding environmental and operational conditions, including temperature extremes (to 50°C), electromagnetic interference, corrosive atmospheres, and explosion environments.

Output torque limits without additional gearboxes: 75-2306 Nm

Speed limits without additional gearboxes: 15-200 RPM