ICON3000 multiturn intelligent electric actuators

The ICON3000 has two display and text communication via OLED display in several optional communication languages. Precise positioning is provided by an absolute encoder. It is possible to configure the actuator via local buttons or via Bluetooth. Opening torque monitoring can be deactivated in a range of 0-20% thus helping to open jammed valves with more than nominal torque. The standard version can also be extended with 8 programmable relays feedback, analogue position/torque transmitter or Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus DP and PA control.
Diagnostic information with time stamps to help many users is also available on the display and network along with the operating torque profile.
The equipment has been tested in corrosive and explosive atmospheres at extreme ambient temperatures, electromagnetic interference.

Output torque without gearboxes: 30-1440 Nm
Output speed without gearboxes: 12-144 RPM