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Energy divison

Energy division

Our company specializes in the installation of booster and combined heat and power generation systems using supplier partners.

Enerproject pressure booster compressors

Oil-injected screw compressors typically accomplished by increasing the pressure of the medium, while ensuring the desired flow rate due to one or a multi-stage technology. Typical applications for gas pressure increase before the gas turbines, biogas plants, but also in all other areas where we recommend to increase the pressure of the fluid.

Typical performance: 100-1500kW, increasing pressure: 60 bar, the quantity supplied range 380-16000m3 / h.

Kawasaki gas turbines

Over the sales of the German-Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries gas turbines we provide the full installation and servicing. Wherever possible maximum efficiency of the packages used in CHP (combined heat and power) cycle.
Typical electrical capacity of 1,7 MWe – 30 MWe, steam production capacity of 5 t/h – 46 t/h.