ALGA/OLGA/GIG series pneumatic, hydraulic and direct-gas actuators

Modular designed on/off or modulating Heavy-Duty quarter-turn actuator series. Full carbon steel material is equipped the highest corrosion protection. The operating energy can be compressed air / natural gas or hydraulic fluid. Standard units are SIL3 and ATEX certified. Actuators are available with a wide range of control requirements: handwheel/hydraulic override, line-break monitoring unit, quick blow exhaust (for ESD valves)
Operating cycle: 100.000 cycles for normal design and 1.000.000 cycles for special design
Available torque ranges: 800.000 Nm double-acting and 235.000 Nm for single-acting design.
Operating temperature: -60C… + 180C
Maximum operating pressure: 12 bar for pneumatic, 100 bar for direct gas, 345 bar for hydraulic version.